Violet Blue


Violet Blue

By Slim Tailor




A Wonderful Flower, Her Name Is Violet Blue

Her Purple Haze Is So Heavy,

She’ll Make You Lose Your Cool

Violet Got Soul Power,

But She Carries The Blues

Music Paints Her Picture,

We Call It Bitches Brew




Violet And Me,

Violet And You

Her Sugar So Sweet

And Baby I Love You…




Her Body’s Like Sheet Music, I Wanna Feel Every Lick

Listen To Her Every Measure, Her Melodies Are Pain For Pleasure

Violet Hear The Music Play, As The Gypsy Sangs

Violet Listen To My Soul, And See What Record Is On




Violet Blue Your My Girl,

The Queen Of My Cali Dream (3x)


Cause I’m A California King

Listen To The Music Play,

I’m A California King

Looking For My Cali Queen,

I’m The California King

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…